Photography & Me

When I was 11, (1957) my grandmother gave me a Brownie Holiday Flash Camera.Brownie Flash
I learned a lot about taking "Snapshots" with this camera.

When I was 15 (1961) my Stepdad bought me an Argus C3 at a Pawn shop in Omaha. He said it was almost a Leica!
Argus C3 That was a lot more fun to use and I started processing my B/W film and making "Contact Sheets".

I bought myself a Practica 35mm SLR just as I was going into the Air Force in 1967 - I was 21 & Viet Nam was a worry for all the guys my age!
Praktica 35mm SLRI shot and processed thousands of Ectachrome slides with this camera over the next several years.

In 1981 I bought my last 35mm SLR Minota X 700- a Minolta X 700. It sure was quiet compared to the Praktica! But at the same time I got a lot more interested in Video and almost completly stopped shooting still photography.

    Photography & Me      (Continued)

Fuji FinePix 6900In the summer of 2000 I bought my first Digital still camera. It sounded good in the brochure but it was frustratingly slow from button push to click!. I missed so many great shots: a blink or a bird flew away, etc.

Nikon ameras
In 2004 I bought my 1st Nikon. A D100 with a Tamron 28-200 lens that served me well for about 3 years. It was a huge improvement over the Fuji!

In 2007 I upgraded to the D200, with a Tamron 28-300 lens, mostly to gain more Mega-Pixels and 100mm more Telephoto.

Not long after that, a friend let me shoot her new D300 with a Nikon 28-200VR lens and I had to have that setup. It is a great camera and I use it often!

I am convinced that Nikon makes great cameras but they also make truely amazing lenses!

This was a Flash/SlideShowPro Portfolio showing some of my
Photography - I am working on a new display...